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Play favorite game with Nvidia GeForce dedicated graphics card

Nvidia GeForce dedicated graphics card for Laptops

Hi players. Your laptop is moving very slow in video games ? Low performance, stuttering or something like this ? Then is time to follow our guide with how to fix this if your laptop have a dedicated video card ! How to see if have or not ? use this software and if you have Nvidia GeForce video card in Video Adapter section, then you have one and you need to go here and download new video driver.

Let`s start our tutorial :

1. Right mouse click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel

2. Select Manage 3D Settings from left menu, then add your desired video game executable, be sure that High-performance NVIDIA processor is selected and Apply.

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Now you can play favorite pc video game with your dedicated video card without lag, stuttering and more glitches

Summary :

Download new driver (is very important) then add desired video game executable to High-performance Nvidia processor and play the game.

Note ! DO NOT Forget to see the name of your video card and then download proper driver !

Play favorite game with Nvidia GeForce dedicated graphics card