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Download and install DirectX and Framework for PC Games

NET Framework and DirectX for PC video games.

Some pc video games require some programs to be installed. Two of these are directx and net framework for games. So, download directx from here and net framework from here and a lot of errors will be fixed automaticaly.

Those tools / programs are also for any software and any video game

How to install.

Required: Both packages are updatable from internet so you need to have a internet connection !

But you can choose offline installer from download page

Run downloaded files and wait the application to get latest updates from internet servers (microsoft servers)

After download and install is finished, restart your Laptop or PC / Windows

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System Requirements :

Windows 7 32 bits or Windows 7 64 bits

Windows 8 32 bits or Windows 8 64 bits

Windows 8.1 32 bits or Windows 8.1 64 bits

Windows 10 32 bits or Windows 10 64 bits

Download and install DirectX and Framework for PC Games