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How to download new Nvidia GeForce updated graphics driver and uninstall your old driver

Uninstall old driver - install new driver

Hi player. Today i decided to share with you the best method to uninstall your old video graphics driver and to install new one. First, you need to download latest updated driver from here for nvidia and from here for intel hd graphics drivers, then download this driver cleaner tool because you need it and is FREE.

Right ! Now lets recap ! You have new driver and driver cleaner downloaded ? Good.

1. For Nvidia GeForce, uninstall it from Control Panel or use this software.

2. Run downloaded driver cleaner, press YES, wait for device to restart in SAFE MODE, select Nvidia and the select Clean and Restart

My Example:

Now your device will get a restart to normal mode and what you need to do is to install latest new driver !

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How to download new updated graphics driver and uninstall your old driver