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Far Cry: Primal

Battlefield 5 Armageddon ?

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Battlefiled Hardline

Just Cause 3 in 2015 !

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How to see the name of your video graphics card to download better driver

Detect Proper name of your video card / model

Hello and welcome to our website. If you want to play all video games better than before, you need to update your current video card driver and to do that, you need to know exactly the name of your video graphics card with this software. So download video card detector and see your video card model then download new and better driver but learn here how to remove old driver first right here for nvidia and here for amd video cards.

After video card detector is installed, run it and select Video Adapter from left panel, then choose your card model.

Example of AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce video cards detected


Special Note for Laptop users ! If you don`t see any video card under Intel HD Graphics, then you DON`T have a dedicated video card and you need to download and install Intel HD Graphics driver !

Tips for download latest updated driver or BETA drivers :

1. You see in image video card Nvidia GeForce GT 540M ? then you need to select 500M Notebook series

2. You see in image video card Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7850 ? You need to select Radeon R7 Series

To play all new video games, it is recommended to use following operating systems :

Microsoft Windows 7 64 bits, Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits or Microsoft Windows 10 64 bits

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How to see the name of your video graphics card to download better driver

Video Graphics Card Detector Software

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