GTA 5 for PC - April 2015

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Battlefield - Hardline

Battlefield 5 Armageddon ?

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Maybe in 2016 because this year 2015 will be:

Battlefiled Hardline

Just Cause 3 in 2015 ?

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How to increase frame rate and fix PlayGTAV.exe / GTAVLauncher.exe has stopped working or Gta 5 is not responding

Grand Theft Auto V video game for PC

Grand Theft Auto V for Windows and Nvidia. Hello dear Grand Theft Auto V fan. If you have some problems with video game, then follow our guide and maybe your issue will be fixed.

First and most important, you must be sure that Grand Theft Auto V is launched with administrator rights !

How to do that ? Follow this guide.

Now you must use Windows Basic Theme if you want to avoid : Grand Theft Auto V is not responding, Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working or Grand Theft Auto V stuttering very bad outside.

How to use Basic theme ?

Right click anywhere on your desktop and then select Personalize then scroll down to Windows 7 Basic

Now play the game with basic theme and you have a chance to play without any errors !

Also you can switch back to your favorite theme anytime without compromising your computer !

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How to increase frame rate and fix Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working or Grand Theft Auto V is not responding

Grand Theft Auto V stuttering when go outside, parkour stuttering, stuttering near zombie horde, Gta 5 spikes, Grand Theft Auto V lagging, Gta 5 lag outside when running, run lag

This guide has been created on : 2015-04-11 by Ioana Alexandra